How Big Do Dobermans Get? A Guide to Doberman Sizes

How Big Do Dobermans Get? A Guide to Doberman Sizes

When it comes to the versatility of a dog breed, size matters. Male and female Dobermans can wear a variety of hats, including family pets, working dogs, guard dogs, and show dogs. 

Dobermans were bred to be imposing, protective dogs, so they have an impressive stance. Here, we will explore the Doberman Pinscher growth rate and the factors affecting that growth rate. 

The Growth Stages of the Dobermans

Dobermans can grow pretty rapidly, so knowing their age is important for gauging their size. 

Doberman Puppies (0 – 6 months) 

This phase of the Doberman breed’s life is where the most rapid growth occurs: The dog can double in weight and size within the first few months. A healthy Doberman puppy should have all of its adult teeth by six months. 

Doberman Adolescents ( 6 – 18 months) 

In the adolescent phase, the dog will continue to grow but slower than when they were in the puppy phase. They are often described as “gangly” during this time due to their growing limbs. They will be at their full height by the end of the adolescent phase but will continue to bulk out with muscle and definition past this into adulthood. 

Doberman Adults (18 months +) 

Fully grown male doberman pinschers can stand as tall as 68 to 72 centimeters at the point of their shoulders and weigh anywhere from 75 to 100 pounds. Females stand at around 63 to 68 centimeters and weigh in at about 60-90 pounds. They will continue to emotionally and mentally grow despite their height leveling out at the beginning of this phase. 

Contributing Factors to Doberman Size 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies European Doberman Pinschers (and their American counterparts) as large dogs. Their size can vary when they are fully grown due to a number of factors: 

  • Genetics: The breed standard is large, but if it is not a purebred Doberman, its size could be larger or smaller. Make sure to source your dog from a reputable breeder to ensure they are purebred.  
  • Health issues: diseases like hip dysplasia and Von Willebrands disease could impact the height at which a Doberman will stand. 
  • Diet: their growth phases are the most important time to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your dog. 

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